Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Let It Be Jesus by Christy Nockels - An Album Review and Giveway

Thank you to Propeller Consulting, LLC for this free digital download of Let It Be Jesus by Christy Nockels for review and providing a free download of the album for one lucky contest winner!

via sixstepsrecords/Sparrow Records
If you love contemporary Christian music like I do, then you are going to love what I have in store for you today.  I was given a free copy of Christy Nockels' new album "Let It Be Jesus" for review and a special giveaway.

Sadly, I had never heard of Christy Nockels before I was notified of this opportunity and I am so glad I've had a chance to hear her work.  She has a strong, beautiful voice and a unique sound.  Since I downloaded the album, it has been on repeat non-stop!

Here is a sample of the title track "Let It Be Jesus". (video link)

Although the entire album is fabulous and flows well together in traditional worship style, my favorite songs are My Anchor and The Wondrous Cross.

If you would like to purchase a digital copy of Christy Nockels' third solo album "Let It Be Jesus" (expected release date - April 28, 2015), please visit iTunes.  For more information on Christy Nockels and her music, please visit her website.

Now for the giveaway!  There will be one winner of a digital download of Christy Nockels' third solo album "Let It Be Jesus".  To enter, follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below.  After the giveaway period has ended, the winner will be announced on this blog post and be notified by email.  Good luck!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden by Karen Newcomb - A Book Review

From the time I was in junior high and my parents had a tiny strip along the side of my childhood home full of pepper, squash and tomato plants, I have loved vegetable gardening.  There is something wonderful about the feeling I get when I go out to pick fresh produce from the seeds I've sown just weeks before.  After I married my husband, also a lover of growing food, we had containers full of peppers, carrots, string beans and fresh herbs on the small patio at our apartment.  Now that we live in a single family home with a decent sized yard, I plan to expand my gardening expertise. For this reason, I was super excited to have the chance to review The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden by Karen Newcomb.

Friends, if you are interested in vegetable gardening but don't know where to start, this is a one-stop resource for you. Whether you'd like to start small in containers or plot out a large, raised garden box, this book will give you step-by-step instructions.

The guide begins by providing a seasonal planting and harvesting schedule and sample garden plots, including sharing which plants compliment each other with the nutrients they need and .  There are chapters focused on soil composition, watering, composting and several sections dedicated to a closer look at the varieties of vegetables you can have in your garden.

One of my favorite parts of The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden is at the very end, in the chapter titled "Pests".  In this section, you will learn the specifics about garden pests and what kind of damage they cause to different types of plants. There is also information on how to get rid of said pests without using contemporary harmful pesticides.

I don't know if we'll get our garden going this year or just take our time planning next season's but you can bet we will not make a step without the use of The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden!

The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  I hope you enjoy your day celebrating the ultimate gift we've all been given!

See you this week with a regular post.

Have a blessed day!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Good Friday!

In light of the holiday weekend, I will not be sharing my Friday Favorites today.  The regular posting schedule will resume on Monday.

Have a blessed weekend!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Donate Life Month and Remembering My Brother

image borrowed from Donate Life

Hi friends!  It's April and that means it's Donate Life Month!  It's also the month my family remembers my brother, Timmy.  If you haven't heard the story of Timmy, you can read the detailed post here, but I'll give you a quick recap.

On April 26, 2008, my twenty-one year old brother, Timmy, was in a high speed motorcycle accident on I-81 in West Virginia.  Although he was wearing some of the best safety gear on the market (shout out to alpinestars) he suffered major internal trauma, including a skull fracture and a broken neck. Needless to say, he did not survive his injuries.

Timmy's life was not in vain.  He was a registered organ donor, and while he wasn't able to donate his major organs because of his injuries, he was able to donate tissue, bone and his eyes.  Because of his death and donation, 46 people received his gifts and a chance at a new life.  You can read the full story of my family's relationship with the donation harvesting group including the letter my mom received detailing the exact donations Timmy made and what they are used for in last year's post.

Friends, I'm here today to encourage you to register for organ donation and thank you if you already are.  I know it's a touchy subject and many aren't comfortable with the idea of it, but there is such a need.

Organ donation FAQs:
  • There are over 99,000 people on the donor recipient waiting list. 
  • Every 12 minutes, someone's name is added to the waiting list.
  • On an average day, 18 people die because they didn't receive the organ(s) they have been waiting for.
  • Anyone can be a donor, regardless of your age, gender, race or health status.
  • One person can save up to 7 lives with a major organ donation, and can help up to 50 people with tissue donation and 10 people with eye donation.
  • The following things can be donated:  the kidneys, heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, and the intestines.  Corneas, the middle ear, skin, heart valves, bone, veins, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments can be stored in tissue banks and used to restore sight, cover burns, repair hearts, replace veins, and mend damaged connective tissue and cartilage in recipients.  Stem cells and blood/platelets can also be donated.
  • You don't have to wait until you die to be a donor.  Living Donation is when a person voluntarily "shares" part of a functioning organ with a loved one, friend or complete stranger.
You can make a difference just like Timmy did!  Please make sure you check the "organ donor" box on your DMV licence application or visit your state's donor registry link at and check out for more information on organ and tissue donation!

Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this post about a cause that is very near and dear to my heart and my family's.  I appreciate you taking the time to consider if organ donation is right for you.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Monthly Reflections | March

I was recently visiting Anna on her blog Rich as Kings and I fell in love with a monthly post she wrote called Taking Stock. It's sort of a monthly recap of everything she's been up to in little nibbles of thoughts.  She had a blank template at the bottom of her post and offered it up to anyone who wanted to use the format.  I couldn't resist.

monthly recap

I've been thinking about a monthly recap post for some time, but I didn't want a drawn out post with details about every single thing I'd done.  I'd rather do little snippets so you get the gist without having to read a book.  So, without further delay, here is what I've been up to in March.

Making:  some headway on my to-do list.
Cooking:  the best pasta dish.  Rotini, pesto and parmesan cheese.
Drinking:  Twinings Earl Grey tea.
Reading:  books off my 101 in 1001 list.
Wanting:  a trip to the beach.
Looking:  for a fun pair of spring sandals.
Playing:  sudoku, like it's the end of the world.
Wasting:  time.  All this snowy weather has been killing my get-up-and-go.
Sewing:  buttons on my husband's pants.  He's terribly hard on them.
Wishing:  on a star.
Enjoying:  more daylight.
Waiting:  for some signs.
Liking:  my new body wash.
Wondering:  what's in store for me.
Loving: my little family.
Hoping:  for big things.

Marvelling:  the creativity of others.
Needing:  some natural vitamin d.
Smelling:  pickles.  Maybe it's because I have a plate of them in front of me.
Wearing:  flip flops.  I refuse to put off spring any longer.
Following:  Jesus.
Noticing:  some new trends.
Knowing:  trends fade quickly.
Thinking:  it's time for new things.
Bookmarking:  way too many things on Pinterest.
Opening:  new doors?
Feeling:  anxious.

So, that was my month in the fewest words possible.  Before you leave, click on the link above and go check out Anna's blog.  You won't be sorry.  I promise.  :)

How was your March?  Any big things happen for you?

I'm not affiliated with Rich as Kings in any way and she didn't ask me to promote her blog.  I just loved the template she was using for her monthly recap, plus I really enjoy sharing talented bloggers with you!

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Simple Gratitude | 02

The week has been a long one.  It's been full of hurdles and struggles and I'm so glad it's over.  The new week brings a slower pace and hopefully, an easier time for my little family.

Friends, when you struggle in a season of your life, whether it's emotionally or financially or physically - or whatever - when life makes it tough to take another step... Somehow, you get through it, and when you do, you appreciate the little things.  Here are my little things for the week.

  • my pack:  my husband, my dog and my cats.  It might not seem like much, but they are everything to me.
  • second chances, and third ones and fourth ones...
  • God's timing.  I always want it now, now, NOW.  But He says, not yet.
  • the luxury to turn off when I need to and just zone out for a bit.
  • books to distract me when my mind is heavy with things I cannot control.
  • answered prayers

What are you grateful for this week?

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Favorites

A very happy Friday to you!  I'm starting to love Fridays these days.  They feel like the kick-off for the weekend and now that my husband doesn't have to work on weekends like he did during snow season, I have more time to spend with him.  Now, on to my faves of the week.

When a Texas Walmart went out of business, the town made good use of the empty building by filling it with books!

This guy records one word every day for a year and this is what he's come up with.  (video link)

Would you believe this piece of 3D art is made out of a book?

Let's talk about houseplants.  I never know if I'm watering them enough or too much.  I need this little invention.

Ann Voskamp has such a way of putting words on paper and they always seem to apply to my life. Like this one.

And for a little week-end cuteness.  What would you do if a coyote appeared in your backyard and went straight toward your dog's forgotten toy?  Grab your camera, of course!

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Guys Behind the Blog | March Link Up

We're back linking up with Betsy from Heavens to Betsy in her The Guys Behind The Blog link up!

1.  Do you have a good luck charm or ritual? (like a lucky coin, or you always used to listen to a certain pump-up song when you played sports in high school or college?)

I don't have a lucky charm, but when I'm fishing a tournament or to fill the freezer, I always wear a certain fishing shirt because it's the one I was wearing when I caught my personal best rockfish.

2.  What is your favorite dish that your wife makes you?  Do you have any fun memories of a time when she tried to cook and it totally flopped or does she get it right every time?

There are quite a few dishes that she makes that I enjoy, but one in particular called Hollywood Grill Deluxe.  It's sauteed chicken with a teriyaki baste and it's topped with sauteed mushrooms, peppers and cheddar cheese.

3.  What did you want to be when growing up?

I never really wanted to be anything growing up, but I knew I wanted to be the opposite of my mother and father.  (The hubs had a hard childhood)

4.  Which of the five senses is your strongest?

That's a hard one to answer in my line of work.  In the automotive industry, when you're constantly working with your hands - and hard work, at that - your hands callus pretty quickly. The loud machinery we use affects our hearing and all the fluids and sprays we work with can affect smell and taste.  I didn't have the best eyesight going into the industry.  I'd say my sense of smell is hanging in there the longest.

5.  Would you ever run for president?

Would I run for president, no.  I do think this country needs a good ol' boy who has lived a life like most lower and middle class Americans, has had struggles and had to work for everything he has.

I think my husband would make a great president, but he has no interest - at all - in politics.  Plus, the only time I can get him to suit up is if someone is getting married or has died.  He might consider running for office if the dress code is cargo shorts, a t-shirt and chucks!  ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by and getting to know my hubs a bit more!  We'll see you next month!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Reading Shakespeare | 101 in 1001

If you've check out my 101 in 1001 list, you saw that one of my reading goals was to check off ten books from the BTU list.  BTU stands for Back to University.  Quite a few bloggers have lists like these, but I'm following one from my favorite bookie YouTuber, Books and Quills.

college literature

Her Back to University is the complete list of recommended reading for a Master's degree in literature.  Her reasoning for making the list is that in a literature degree, it's difficult to read all the recommended reading in your college and grad school career.  It's quite the syllabus of British lit. I've read a lot of the works she has on her list, but I'm going to reread it all over the next several years.  I chose ten books or works to complete in my 101 in 1001.

Here are the items I've checked off the list.
  • Shakespeare - The time sonnets (12, 18, 19, 55 and 73)
  • Shakespeare - Sonnets (97, 107, 116, 129)
  • Macbeth
  • Twelfth Night
  • Shakespeare - Sonnet (130)
Shakespeare is one of my favorite writers of the English Renaissance and I knocked out everything in the early part of the Back to University list.  There is a little more of his writing in the Master's section of the list.  

shakespeare reading

With that, I've crossed off three "books" from my BTU list - I counted all the sonnets as one entry because they are quite short.

P.S.  In case you're wondering about this beautiful book of Shakespeare works, it was my 26th birthday gift from my husband.  I think he got it from Barnes & Noble in the collector's section.

Did you complete all the reading in your college literature classes?  Who is your favorite writer?

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